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Want to receive 10€ for registration to the Because we are partners of Neteller, we can offer you this exclusive bonus! It's really simple! Just register your Neteller account with us. Don't worry, we will show you the whole registration process step by step. Than, when you make your first money transfer to merchant, Neteller will add automatically bonus 10% of purchase amount up to 10€ into your account! And it's only up to you how you spend it.

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How bonus works?

  1. Register account through this link
  2. Deposit money to Neteller
  3. Make a first payment to merchant
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Main benefits of Neteller

  • Fast transfer from and to merchants
  • Free to open an account
  • Secure way of payment
  • Reliable services
  • Easy to use
  • Non-stop online support

Where I can use Neteller


Here can be your link! Contact us!

Neteller Registration

Registering your account is really straight forward process, but to make it even more simple and convenient for you, we have created step by step guidance notes through all registration with filled-in print screens of all stages. In this walkthrough we will use as an example famous football player David Beckham and will set up his own Neteller account. We hope he will be satisfied :)

Neteller Registration - Step 1 - Account information:

To start, click on this link that takes you directly to Neteller registration page. Of course, you can register through Neteller website - but we advise you not to, because you won't receive 10% bonus on your first transfer of money to the merchant!

First part of Neteller registration process

First thing you will have to do is fill in your email address. Make sure you enter correct one, confirmation letter with your Neteller account number and Security number will be sent on this email.

Country of residence - choose country where you live from the list.

Security question and answer - answer to this question will prove your identity you will need this question when you will speak with Neteller representatives. They will always ask you this question to confirm your identity. So pick one you will easily remember.

Neteller account currency - You should consider which currency you'll use the most, because there are foreign exchange fees when purchasing in different currencies. But in most cases will be the most suitable your home country's currency. Available currencies of your Neteller account are: EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, NOK, PLN, SEK, CAD, AUD, HUF, JPY.

Term of use - you must confirm you have read Neteller's Terms of use and Privacy policy.

Now double check if all information are correct, if yes - click on 'continue' button and you are done with this screen!

Neteller registration - Step 2 - Personal information:

On the second page you will have to fill in few pieces of information about yourself. Bear in mind, isn't only an online wallet, it's a large bank with millions of customers and banks need to know some personal info before they let you open bank account.

Second part of Neteller registration process

Personal information - in the first section you will have to fill in your name, surname, street address (including house number if available), city and postcode.

Country - this option is chosen by Neteller based on IP check. If country you are living in do not correspondent with pre-chosen option, click "Change my country" and make correction.

Phone numbers - after opening your account, Neteller will contact you in order to confirm your identity, so make sure that you have entered right digits. Also international prefix is automatically pre-selected because you have already chosen country you live in previous section.

Gender - either you are male or female

Date of birth - You must be at least 18 years old to open Neteller account. And again, Neteller will ask you about this as a part of identity check when you contact Neteller custom service department.

Affiliate referral promotion - you must have pre-selected "Bonus code: Affiliate bonus" or else you won't receive your 10% first deposit bonus!

Again double check all boxes and click on 'Continue' button for finishing the registration.

Neteller registration - Step 3 - Personal information:

Congratulation! If you have successfully completed all previous steps, you will now get your Neteller Account ID and Secure ID.

Third part of Neteller registration process

Your new account ID: This is a 12-digit code that precisely your Neteller account. You can imagine it as a credit card number.

Your new secure ID: Six digits long security code that you will have to enter to confirm the payment. It is similar to PIN number of your credit card, so keep it safe!

You can write down these numbers, but Neteller will send email containing them to the mailbox selected in step 1.

Last sentence is only a confirmation that you will receive bonus when you transfer your first money to the merchant.

After you click on 'Continue', you will be able to deposit money to your Neteller account.